RUIN RBG and Arena Team


All times are in Eastern Standard Time

  • Tues 7 – 11P RBGs
  • Thurs 7 – 11P RBGs
  • Fri  7 – 11P Training and Practice – Random Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, Brawls
  • Sat 7 – 11P RBGs

Team Purpose

Build and continuously improve a training and development process that helps people grow into highly skilled Battleground, Arena, and World PVP teammates


Team Principles

Principle What it looks like
Have fun and make it fun for others Play the class and spec you enjoy the mostJoke aroundPraise your teammatesCelebrate accomplishments
Be committed and take ownership Show up and be ready to do your best every dayLet us know if you can’t make itOwn your performance and take action to improve
Be open Be open to advice and constructive criticismShare your knowledge, experience, ideas, and expertise with the team
Be positive Do your best until the match is overEncourage your teammates
Be respectful Respect yourself: bragging makes you look foolishRespect your teammates: be tactful when offering constructive criticismNo politics or religion


Team Methods

Method Details
Team practice Nagrand Arena – team fights, kill squad against flag carrier and healers, etc
Dueling Duels between same class – compare notes, duel against all other classes, share tips and strategies
Team map/strat creation and improvement Use PowerPoint Google documents to develop ‘play by play’ map strats with text boxes for important notes  
Match video analysis  

Match Standards

Team compositions During team RBG hours: Rated matches are played with team members, no pugs, no non-team members (team members are listed on the team spreadsheet on the 2nd sheet) Random Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, and World PVP can be done with pugs and non-teammates
Targets Target Callers call targets throughout entire matchNon Target Callers do not call out targets
Strat Strat Caller calls strat throughout entire matchEveryone follows the strat called by the Strat Caller
Analysis Match analysis is done after the matchNo asking questions such as, ‘Why did we lose that base?’ during the match
Focus Team is focused on performance throughout entire matchDo not give up Even when it is impossible to win the match, stay focused on performance and execution
Other Communication Communication is kept combat relevantBe mindful of background noise and eliminate it if possible e.g. cell phone notification sounds, roommate conversations, chewing and slurping

Match Checklists

Pre Queue Checklist

  1. Warm up: dueling in Boralus Harbor
  2. Analyze team composition and determine best way to leverage
  3. Repair

Match Countdown Checklist

  1. Clear coms
  2. Mark healers (mark tank if necessary)
  3. Identify strat caller
  4. Identify primary and secondary target caller
  5. Evaluate enemy team composition and identify any players with same class and same first letter
  6. Communicate strat – primary and secondary
  7. Review strat(s)
  8. Talent/gear check – have we equipped to maximise abilities for strat?

Post Match Checklist

  1. Repair
  2. Review specific errors and what to do next time
  3. Review what went right
  4. Does the Map Strats document need to be updated?


Target Calling

Targets are called by first letter of the target’s name then class


Character name: Stupidhorde

Character class: Warrior

Target call: S Warrior

When there are fights at multiple locations, include the location when calling targets


“Blacksmith, S Warrior”


CC Calling

Terms When calling out CCs, use the terms below instead of spell names Stun – any spell that locks down the player e.g. he can’t move or cast spellsKick – any spell that interrupts a caster’s spell and makes that spell unusable for a period of timeRoot – any spell that locks a player in place but he or she can still cast spells   Note: Call out breakable CCs by the name of the spell   Target Call the target of the CC before casting the CC. This helps prevent two teammates casting a CC on the same target at the same time and thus wasting a CC.   Examples: “Stunning B Druid” “Kicking T Shamman”   When there are fights at multiple locations, include the location when calling CCs Example: “Blacksmith, Stunning B Druid”
Call Next If we need to chain CC a player, call out when you have the next CC   Example: Wattrwurx – “Stunning B Druid” Blackspruce – “Next stun B Druid”  

Battleground Communication

3rd Person

Always refer to yourself in the 3rd Person e.g. “Blackspruce needs peels”

Don’t Say

  • Don’t repeat called target. Stay on the called target until a different target is called
  • “Blackspruce is dead” – unless you are target calling, defending by yourself, you are a healer
  • Don’t report the status of a base when the base is clear and status hasn’t been asked for by the Strat Caller
  • “Blackspruce need heals” – the healers are tasked with knowing who needs heals



  • Say when you are CCd
  • Call out for peels by your symbol: ‘Moon needs peels’
  • Say when you are drinking: ‘Blackspruce is drinking’


When you are guarding a base or trying to take a base, call out enemy incoming by the number of incoming and the base name

“Four incoming – Blacksmith”


Class/Spec Defensives

Havoc Demon Hunter



Death Knight

Anti-Magic Shield


Aspect of The Turtle

Mistweaver Monk

Fortifying Brew

Diffuse Magic

Life Cocoon – any class can be given Life Cocoon by a Monk



Survival Instincts


Switch targets if you are melee, thorns does considerable damage to the attacker.



Main Spells to Kick

Class/Spec Spell(s)
Warlock/Destro Chaos Bolt
Warlock/Affliction Drain Life
Warlock/Demon Hand of G’uldan
Mage/Fire Greater Pyro Blast
Mage/Frost Frost Bolt
Mage/Arcane Arcane Blast
Priest/Holy Greater Heal
Priest/Disc Flash Heal
Priest/Shadow Mind Blast
Druid/Resto Tranquility
Druid/Balance (Boomie) Full Moon
Shaman/Resto Rip Tide Healing Surge
Shaman/Elemental Lightning Bolt Lightning Lasso
Shaman/Enhancement Storm Strike
Monk/Mistweaver Soothing Mist Essence Font
Monk/Windwalker Vivify
Paladin/Holy Holy Light
Paladin/Ret Flash of Light
Paladin/Prot Flash of Light


Breakable CCs

Breakable CCs are CCs that break if the player is attacked

Song of chi
Hex     Polymorph

Recommended Class/Spec Builds

  • Talent builds are very situational. What’s good for Raids and Dungeons is almost never the same as PvP, and what is good for Arenas is often different from what is good for Battlegrounds.
  • In Arenas, the enemy team composition determines the best talents, and in Battlegrounds, the map and the strategy determines the best talents.
  • Below are good general talent builds for Battlegrounds
  • All Tank spec builds are for flag carrying
Class/Spec Talents Azerite Traits, Stats, Enchants, Gems


Target Switching Methods

Method Pictures/Details
Name Plate Method   Left click the player or player name plate  
Battleground Enemies Method   In Battleground Enemies, left click the name of the target (Ellynna in the example)                                
Focus Target Macro Method   Create macro: /target [@focustarget]     In Battleground enemies, right click on the target caller (Nephilim in the example). This makes him your focus   Press the macro to target whoever the target caller has targeted

Recommended Web Resources

Battleground Basics

Talents, Azerite Traits, Enchants

World of Wargraphs – Class   Click the Class icon     Click Talents         Click Gear, Gems, Enchants     You can also click Best Players and see the talents, gear, etc. that the top ranked players use
Wowhead PvP Class/Spec Guides On the homepage, mouse over the Class Under the Spec, click PVP